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Belvedere Lavender

Belvedere Lavender
We handcraft skincare with 100% Belvedere lavender grown on our farm in Ontario. Belvedere Lavender skincare products have been formulated using all natural ingredients and are organic, kosher and vegan when possible. We carefully source our ingredients – using only the purest extracts and carrier oils – with the intention of creating a line of lavender-infused natural products that are nourishing and safe for your skin. So, you can feel good about taking care of yourself.


Belvedere Lavender takes pride in our connection with natural beauty. Bel means “beautiful” and Vedere is “view” in Italian. Together these words mean “beautiful view”, invoking the tranquil rolling hills surrounding the lavender farm near Burford, in Brant County, Ontario.

Belvedere Lavender has been a life-long dream of Erik Wesseling, owner and designer at Floral Buds & Design in Woodstock, Ontario. Proudly reconnecting to his Dutch farming roots, Erik has carefully planted over 5,000 lavender plants in honour of his mother who passed away from cancer in 2015. She had always fondly remembered a farm in Holland which also carried the name of ‘Belvedere’.

 Erik’s passion for farming and lavender has grown. He has thoughtfully handcrafted a line of non-toxic lavender skincare products that provide the ultimate spa experience. Registered with Health Canada, Belvedere Lavender offers kosher, vegan and organic ingredients where possible, in fifteen key natural lavender products.

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