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Berrylicious Fruit Farm

Berrylicious Fruit Farm
We are a fruit farm located in Burgessville, ON


In 2002 we bought a 75 acre farm south of Woodstock. That same year we planted our first crop of pumpkins, and launched our road-side pumpkin wagon. In the fall of 2004 we planted 4 acres of blueberries and followed it up the next year with a planting of elderberries. Ten years later we opened our doors to pick your own customers! 

Now, over 20 years after the first pumpkin planting the farm has flourished into a diverse planting of fruits, vegetables and of course the pumpkins and gourds that started it all! Every summer we invite guests to visit the farm and each year we have more to offer. We have expanded our product line to include a range of jams, jellies, syrups and Berrylicious collectables, and we now host family activities such as picnics, Berry Days, summer camp tours & Corporate events.

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Farming / Fishing / Forestry

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