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GREATARIO IS CANADA'S CHOICE FOR LOW MAINTENANCE GLASS-FUSED-TO-STEEL TANKS With decades of experience and hundreds of Installations, GREATARIO is Canada's choice to design, build and maintain glass-fused-to-steel, bolted tanks and covers for liquid storage.



With decades of experience and hundreds of installations, GREATARIO has likely already tackled a project just like yours. Whether for a municipal or industrial application, we are Canada’s choice for liquid storage solutions. We are proud to serve communities across Canada with great support and expertise our customers have come to expect. You can trust GREATARIO to design, build and support your next tank project!

Why choose a Glass-Fused-To-Steel tank from GREATARIO?


Lowest Lifecycle Cost

Glass-fused-to-steel offers the lowest lifecycle cost vs. concrete or welded tanks. GFS resists corrosion, requires minimal maintenance and NEVER needs to be recoated.


Modular / Expandable Design

The modular panel design of bolted GFS tanks, means they can be built quickly on a smaller footprint without heavy machinery and can be designed for future expansion if needed.


Adaptable Design

Glass coatings are impermeable to most liquids offering protection to the liquid stored inside and ensuring protection to the outside environment which is necessary in a variety of industrial and municipal applications.

GREATARIO is improving water quality in reservoirs and water systems across Canada., with industry leading and trusted brands such as GridBee©, SolarBee©, ResidualHQ© and AerationPlus©. We combine knowledge and experience into every project to solve real-world problems for real-world people.


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