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London District Catholic School Board

London District Catholic School Board
The London District Catholic School Board seeks to develop in our students a love of God, people and self, an appreciation of prayer and a moral foundation to assist them as they journey through life. Catholic schools provide a complete academic program in an environment that integrates learning, religious instruction, Gospel values, and spiritual formation into all aspects of the curriculum. The schools have strong links to parishes. The administrative, teaching and support staff are dedicated to teaching learners in a student-centered educational community. This philosophy nurtures values, skills and the ability to learn based on each student’s potential and is directly linked to well defined and measurable outcomes.​​


Catholic education views human life as an integration of body, mind and spirit. Rooted in this vision, Catholic education fosters the search for knowledge as a lifelong spiritual and academic quest. 


Catholic schools have been educating students in mind, body and spirit in Ontario since before the birth of the province. Since 1841, they have provided educational excellence within a school culture imbued with the Gospel values of Jesus Christ. Publicly funded Catholic education has been the foundation for millions of students to develop their full spiritual, academic, physical and social potential. Catholic schools have made a tremendous contribution to the vitality and success of Ontario’s education system, which ranks among the best in the world.


Our Catholic schools nurture the values inherent in the Catholic faith – including responsibility, accountability, collaboration, and caring within family and community – producing not just good students but good citizens.

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