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Pruss-Hawkins Collision Ltd

Pruss-Hawkins Collision Ltd
To some of us, our vehicles are just a mode of transport, to some other, it’s the livelihood, and to the rest of us, our passion! No matter what, you own a vehicle as it has become a necessity. Sometimes, you may not give too much attention to your vehicle’s need and over time they wear down. Some parts more than others need special attention to keep you, your family, or the passengers safe throughout the transit. This is where Pruss-Hawkins Collision comes into the picture. We offer auto repair services in Woodstock for pre-and post-collision requirements. Pruss-Hawkins Collision specializes in the professional repair of vehicles involved in collisions. We maintain strong collaborative relationships with insurance companies to ensure a seamless process for our customers.


Established in 1947, Pruss-Hawkins Collision Service is a family-owned and -operated business that was started by George Pruss. The ownership was then taken over by Bill Hawkins. Currently, the shop is owned by Bob and Debbie Ward.

Even though there has been a change in the ownership, the craftsmanship, expertise, and the quality of our services haven’t changed.

We carry the same top-notch service delivery that has been our identity since the beginning to keep our customers satisfied.

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