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Schep's Bakeries

Schep's Bakeries


Arie Schep, the president of Schep's Bakeries had always dreamed of coming to Canada. After visiting Canada in 1983 he fell in love with the country on the spot and decided to move his family to Canada. He did not want to lose his Dutch touch and after much thought decided to start baking stroopwafels (Syrup Waffle Cookies). In doing this he could stay in touch with his Dutch roots by importing the best ingredients from Holland and at the same time bring this wonderful product to the North American people. What started out to be a small business of baking syrup waffles for small specialty stores, has over the years blossomed to the point of the waffle cookies being available in many of the larger retail stores in Canada and the exporting of hundreds of thousands of syrup waffles to the United States of America every year. Over the years two of his sons (Peter and Jacco) have joined the business. Now, Arie with his wife, and two sons strive in delivering only the best waffle cookies to the Canadian and American people.

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