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Transitions Equine Assisted Learning

Transitions Equine Assisted Learning
Equine Assisted Learning is an experience based approach to learning leadership and life-skills with horses. It’s not about riding or horsemanship, but rather focuses on participants working with horses through a series of objective based obstacles. This is important because it helps with personal growth, emotional well-being, and fosters empathy and empowerment. How? By including horses in specially-designed experiential learning exercises, equine-assisted specialists are able to observe non-verbal communication of the horses and be a translator as well as a guide to encourage the learner to attain the outcome of each exercise. This hands on approach to learning has proven to greatly multiply the participants retention and understanding of skills learned.


Transitions Equine has proudly been trained with the Dreamwinds/ Cartier Farms curriculum that drives objectives to outcomes. Each exercise is designed in a Building Block Style. The curriculum is client centered, using horses as barometers and facilitators as guides to encourage self examination.

The individual evaluation revolves around:

  • The holistic nature of the horse
  • Objectively driven curriculum combined with facilitation
  • Experimental learning
  • Partnering with community, social, and educational resources
  • We like to call this “THE FORMULA FOR SUCCESS”

Our Mission

Is to empower individuals to achieve holistic wellness through enriching connections with horses, promoting emotional resilience, and fostering personal growth in a supportive, inclusive and equine guided environment.

Our Vision

To be an industry leader in transformative education, where equine assisted wellness stands as a cornerstone of holistic health, inspiring profound personal and professional growth, strengthening emotional well-being, and fostering meaningful journeys of self-discovery and lasting behavior modification.


Alisha Wilson

Founder ~ Certified Equine Facilitator ~ Reiki II Practitioner

Growing up with horses, Alisha has the personal experience of how profound and meaningful a connection with one of these amazingly wonderful animals can be, and will personally attest to the fact that they not only helped shape who she is today, but have saved her life. Through personal struggles with self-image, self-confidence and addiction, horses were always her safe space due to their non-judgmental and genuinely empathetic nature. From personal horses on the home farm, to horses at the ranch where she worked as a teen in Florida, and now horses she owns and has owned as an adult, she can name every one of them and tell you what type of life lesson she learned from them.

In 2020, after several years in leadership in the corporate world, Alisha was graced with the rare opportunity to pursue her passions AND have a genuinely positive impact on others. She decided to take the plunge and start her equine assisted learning (EAL) journey with Dreamwinds/ Cartier Farms, and that’s when Transitions was officially born. Her lifelong passion became her career, and by understanding the horse human parallels, she is able to provide valuable and important feedback from the horse, for the betterment of yourself, and helps facilitate those ever important “AH HA” moments, which are imperative to unlocking your potential and removing any self-imposed road blocks.

In addition to EAL, Alisha holds certifications in ASIST and SafeTalk, and is a Reiki II practitioner with an active membership in the Canadian Reiki Association. She is happily married, and has 2 wonderful kids who also play active roles in the day to day operation of Transitions.

“With this program, my passion for horses is beautifully combined with my passion for helping others, and my broken old rescue horses have renewed purpose. That means here, everybody wins”

East Zorra-Tavistock
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