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U-turn Ranch

U-turn Ranch
A little bit of History In the summer of 2006, U-turn Ranch opened it's doors to the first group of young people, to experience the Ranch, Ranch animals and the beauty of 50 acres. Low and behold, almost 19 years later, U-turn Ranch Summer Camp hosts over 1300 children each summer, many local schools each spring and a variety of Rental/Retreat type groups over three seasons. U-turn Strives to provide a place where individuals can Grow in their FAITH of God, while developing FRIENDSHIPS, experiencing the Ranch, and all that FARM life has to offer, in a FUN and engaging atmosphere.


Our goal at U-turn is to provide a safe place for young people to grow in Faith, experience a little taste of the Farm, make many new Friends, and have a whole lot of Fun while they are at it.

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