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Willow Lake Campground & RV Park

Willow Lake Campground & RV Park
Willow Lake has a wonderful history that goes back decades to the days of good ol’ family picnics in a park. Willow Lake Campground and RV Park has grown in both size and in the range of facilities that it offers. Being proud of our past, at the same time we are always looking towards the future, and we plan to respect the history and heritage of the park, while ensuring that each year the park and its activities gets a little bit better than the last.


Welcome to Willow Lake Campground and RV Park! We are your owners and hosts, Mark and Melanie, and we are glad to see you here! We have had a love and passion for camping for years, and whether it was just the two of us and our dog Chewbacca, or we had our son James along with us, on Monday's, it wasn't uncommon for us to be doing laundry that smelled like a campfire. And over the years, we always talked about packing up the city and corporate life and doing something on our own, and it was common for us to have these discussions about our dream while we were by a campfire at various campgrounds across Ontario. Then, like a lightbulb that went off, we said, 'well, why wouldn't we do this, own a campground!' And that began our search for the perfect campground, and guess what... in 2017 we found it! So pull up a camp-chair next to the fire, and let us tell you all about Willow Lake Campground and RV Park in Woodstock Ontario!

East Zorra-Tavistock
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