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Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Armed Forces
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Oxford County, Ontario
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Part Time
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In Person

Job Description

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You will be required to join the Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserve to be employed in this position.

This is NOT a civilian placement.


Armour Soldiers operate and maintain armoured fighting vehicles, its weapon systems and its communication equipment. Armour Soldiers are members of the Combat Arms team, which also includes Infantry, Artillery and Combat Engineering regiments. 

Armour Soldiers begin their career with one of two types of vehicles: the tank or the reconnaissance vehicle. As a member of a tank crew trained to be a driver, operator or gunner, an Armour Soldier has the following duties:

  • Drive and maintain the tank
  • Fire the tank’s main gun
  • Load the tank’s main gun and machineguns
  • Maintain the tank’s communications equipment

As a member of a reconnaissance vehicle crew trained to be a driver or an observer, an Armour Soldier has the following duties:

  • Drive and maintain the vehicle
  • Load, fire and maintain the vehicle’s machine-guns
  • Maintain and operate the vehicle’s radio equipment
  • Gather and relay information about the enemy and the terrain


Armour Soldiers experience the unique adventures and challenges that come with work in the field and on deployment to other countries.


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