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Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Armed Forces
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Oxford County, Ontario
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Part Time
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In Person

Job Description

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You will be required to join the Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserve to be employed in this position.

This is NOT a civilian placement.


As an artillery officer you are expected to coordinate and execute indirect fire support, ground based air defense, surveillance and target acquisition, and provide tactical advice as part of the combat arms team. Working closely with the other members of the combat arms in the Armoured, Infantry and Combat Engineering regiments as well as all other support arms on and off the battlefield. 

There are three specialized areas for an Artillery Officer: Field Artillery Officer, Air Defense Officer, and Target Acquisition Officer. Each are expected to become experts of their own technologically complex equipment and its tactical employment.

Field Artillery Officers Expertise: 

  • Howitzers and Mortars
  • Battlefield Surveillance Radars 
  • Observation & Fire control systems
  • Coordination and integration of indirect fire and close air support

Air Defense Officer Expertise:

  • Air Surveillance Radars 
  • Tactical Data Link Systems
  • Future Ground Based Air Defence Systems

Target Acquisition Officer Expertise:

  • Uncrewed Aerial Systems
  • Acoustic Weapons Locating Systems
  • Weapons Locating Radars
  • Artillery Intelligence and Counter-Battery Fires


An Artillery Officer can be called upon to serve in any kind of terrain be it Arctic tundra, tropical jungle, desert, mountains, or urban town and cities. Artillery Officers are deployed overseas on operational missions and in Canada in support of civil authorities in cases of national emergency.


Bachelor Degree

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