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Verduyn Tarps Inc.

Verduyn Tarps Inc.
Home of the EAGLE ® Tarp System, Verduyn Tarps Inc. (VTI) is the leading manufacturer of retractable tarping systems for flatbed trailers in Canada. VTI has now opened a second facility in Ontario … at 265 Beards Lane, Woodstock. Built on principles of quality, honesty and customer service, VTI is looking for like-minded individuals to work on the shop floor as we expand our production requirements to meet ever increasing customer demand.


Verduyn Tarps is the one-stop-shop for all your flat deck trucking needs. We carry a complete line of equipment for securing and tarping your flatbed load — from simple winch straps to our advanced Eagle retractable tarping system.



We were founded in 1986 on the principles of quality, honesty and service, and to this day, Verduyn Tarps is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products for an honest price while providing outstanding customer service.

As a company, we believe in the Japanese principle of Kaizen, which is the philosophy of continuous improvement in the areas of working processes and personal efficiency. In manufacturing, Kaizen is applied to enhance quality, cost, delivery, management and safety. This commitment to continuous improvement and development of our products and services has made Verduyn Tarps a forerunner in tarping system technologies.

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