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Jakeman's Maple Products

Jakeman's Maple Products
For 5 generations, our family has produced, the finest 100% Pure Maple Syrup carefully sourced from our close-knit community of over 200 local maple farmers and refined at our facility in Beachville Ontario. In the early 2000's two important events took place: Bob Jakeman enlisted the support of a network of over 200 local farm partners. This supplied pure Maple Syrup from North America's largest resources of maple sap forests. The family invented the world's only patented pure filtration process, guaranteeing consistency in flavour grade every time. Our New 24.000 sq. feet production facility has been up and running since the spring of 2020. This large sanitary food processing space combines modern Maple Syrup equipment with traditional methods. The facility is able to produce thousands of bottles of Maple Syrup every month to meet the needs of our clients from all around the world. Jakeman's is also able to produce large amounts of Maple Sugar now thanks to the new Paddle Mixer with an indirect vacuum dryer


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