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Verdant DBM Inc.

Verdant DBM Inc.
Verdant was founded in 2014 after Caleb Closs (owner) had completed his advanced diploma for Landscape Design from Fanshawe College. At Verdant we believe that providing a professional service stems from an experienced, knowledgeable & courteous staff. ​


Accreditation & Memberships:

Verdant is currently a member of SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association). We strive to provide our clients with educated employees and high quality services to ensure their property is safe & usable during the winter months. Through continuous education programs from SIMA our knowledgeable staff will clear your lot timely and safely to avoid costly injury claims.

As we are applying to multiple memberships we will continue to update this section.



With every project we take on, we put in our extensive education in Landscape Design, over 10 years of in field experience, and our passion for the outdoors to give customers a perfect combination of what they want and what will work best for them individually. Whether it be your home or place of work, we want you to be surrounded by beautiful works of nature and structure that are safe and functional for you and all who visit.

Property Management:

At Verdant we know the stresses of dealing with the unstoppable forces of nature. Whether it be the nuisance of an overgrown garden, the bother of being buried in leaves every falls, or the aggravation of a harsh Canadian winter, we strive to provide a timely service that keeps you safe, relaxed, and able to enjoy any season.

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